West Virginia State Inspections

Every one of our Technicians are state inspectors as well! This means we're ready for you to call and set an appointment for your vehicle's safety inspection!

Moving to West Virginia? Your vehicle is required by law to have a valid inspection sticker.
Here is what you need to know about your Vehicle State Inspection.
Like most other states, the State of West Virginia has specific stipulations in place to ensure that only registered and properly inspected vehicles are allowed to operate on their roads and highways. This is to ensure the safety of all motorists, and is a necessary requirement for the good of the public. Below are some important points to keep in mind about your West Virginia State inspection:

  1. The West Virginia State Inspection requirements are based on a rule that states that all motorists who purchase or otherwise obtain a vehicle in (or outside of) the State of West Virginia must obtain a certificate of inspection within ten (10) days of obtaining the vehicle in order for it to be considered "street legal".
  2. If the inspection sticker on a vehicle has either been lost, stolen, removed, or otherwise altered, mutilated or destroyed, must have an entirely new inspection performed and a new certificate issued; in other words, there will be no duplicate inspection stickers issued.
  3. Vehicles must be either approved or rejected whenever they are presented for inspection.
  4. All inspections must be complete, but re-inspections within 5 days of the original inspection (and at the same station) will only require a check of the items that had previously been rejected.
  5. The Superintendent of West Virginia State Inspections approves all inspection facilities, and all inspections can only be made at those approved places.
  6. Should a mechanic desire to act in the capacity of an inspector mechanic, he/she must successfully complete the Inspector Mechanic's Training Program and successfully pass the exam required by the West Virginia State Police. At that time, he/she will be issued a card that designates and validates his/her position as an inspector mechanic. In addition, upon notification by West Virginia State Police, inspector mechanics are subject to being re-tested at any time.
  7. The price of issuance for the certificate of inspection will be a fee of no more than $14.66 (modified $25).
  8. Whenever a vehicle is brought in for its annual inspection, the valid certificate of registration, vehicle title, notarized bill of sale, valid temporary certificate, or bill of origin will be compared with the VIN (vehicle identification number) found on the vehicle. Current insurance coverage will also be verified by the inspector mechanic. Before any further inspection will be made, the old inspection sticker will be removed.
  9. In the event that a vehicle is rejected, the State of West Virginia will issue only one rejection sticker before the vehicle is approved. If a vehicle already displays a rejection sticker and then gets rejected at the current inspection, the previous rejection sticker will not be removed until the new inspection has been completely performed.
  10. If a vehicle bears an out-of-state registration, it is exempt from any inspection requirements; it can, however, still be inspected upon the request of the vehicle owner. At that point, the vehicle will not be issued a certificate (sticker) of approval unless it meets the standards established by the State of West Virginia.
  11. All official inspection stations will be open Monday through Friday, for at least 8 hours per normal business day, and all inspection stations will be open and able to perform inspections for the full twelve months of the year.